Hello, I'm Haley Schillig

UX Designer / Web Developer / Photographer

Get To Know Me

  • Name: Haley Schillig
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Located: Ohio, United States
  • Email: staff@intellectproductions.com
  • Interests: Web design, web development, photography, crafting, art, games, and writing
  • Education: Computer Programming & Database Associate's Degree from Stark State College
  • Ultimate Life Goal: Release a browser-based game

About The Business

A Little About The Business

Intellect Productions is owned by me, Haley, a Web Designer & Developer. Intellect Productions brings you new inspiring designs and development to fit your personal or professional needs. I offer well thoughtout web designs, interactive Javascript programming, maintained programming with PHP and MySQL, business card design, and logo design! With my range of professional skills, I hope to catch your interest to fit any job.

My goal is to bring you an attractive product that you can be proud to show in your professional workforce or personal projects. My communication skills are high and I'm very lenient and comfortable to work with.

How Intellect Productions Came To Be

The business came to be by a young inspired artist at the age of 10. I would have to say, Neopets was my biggest inspiration back in the day that fueled my creativity. I first began in the art industry slowly realizing at the age of 15 that many artists, not all, are underpaid and there was no way I could possibly make a living from being an artist whether it was because I wasn't as great at it as I thought I was or if that statement was true.

At the age of 15, I got so caught up into Neopets that a huge dream of mine began to grow. I wanted to make my own game. It was as simple as that. Not knowing how hard or difficult this journey was going to be, my strive to creating my own game never died and is still very strong to this day. I branched off into web design since I was very knowledgeable with Adobe PhotoShop and wanted to keep my creativity flowing. While I began designing for many clients, I carried a PHP and MySQL book with me EVERYWHERE I went in High School no matter how nerdy I may have looked. Teaching myself from that day forth, I began gathering clients from many different industries including restaurant, gaming, and other branches and my portfolio began to grow.

Now in my 20's, I have not regretted the countless hours each day I have spent gazing at the computer screen, tongue sticking out, and typing away. I am currently creating a game with my fiance in the Laravel framework. I love bringing my clients that I build solid relationships with products that they can be proud of and glad to show the world.


HTML5 & CSS3 (95%)
Javascript (75%)
PHP (85%)
UX Design (90%)
jQuery (80%)

How Good I Am

To the left, you will see how I rate myself on the programming skills I know. I try to be as accurate as possible, but it will always be biased.

Front-end: I have been doing this for over 10 years! I also know LESS and SASS.

Back-end: I have been developing back-end code with PHP for over 6 years now. My preferred framework is Laravel 5, but I'm comfortable in other frameworks as well.

Javascript: Recently, I have been using Vue.js for a LOT of my Javascript programming with a mix of jQuery.

Latest Experience

2014 - Present Stark County District Library
Web Designer/Developer

I design and develop pages dedicated to their programs, events, etc. I also improve existing features or develop new ones to make the site more user-friendly.

2013 - 2014 Anthony Thomas Advertising
Web Developer

I developed websites from the ground up in Laravel + Bootstrap for Sherwin Williams, Krylon, and Duplicolor.

2010 - 2013 Aultman Hospital
Web Designer Intern

I worked here as an intern and assisted the back-end developers to make the user interface pleasing to the eye. Here, I also learned quite a bit of .NET.

Why Should You Hire Me?


I always make sure to do my research and figure out the best tactics for each unique client.


I'm a strong analytical thinker and problem solver. I try to find a solution for every situation.


I have great communication skills and am capable of working in a team or solo.


I have a positive attitude and love to accept all challenges that are thrown my direction.


I am a very intellectual and energetic person. I like to think outside the box to come up with solutions.

Hard Worker

Being a very hard worker, I always make sure every project will meet its required deadline.


Raw Beauty Preview Image
Web Design and Development

Raw Beauty

A website I did for a local photographer business, Raw Beauty, and integrated it into the OctoberCMS platform so she can easily update her website. Fiora Castorani was a fantastic woman to work for and has immense skill when it comes to photography! She wanted glitter in her logo design so that was challenging to work with, but I enjoyed it! I built some of the Javascript plugins you'll see throughout this website (the slider at the bottom of the homepage & the switchable contact forms).

Additional Tasks

  • Logo Design
web design web development logo design
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Web Design

Bunny Meadows

Bunny Meadows is a bunny breeding simulation game that has some RPG elements in the mix of it. The biggest features that make the game stand out is the dominant/recessive breeding system, the card-based adventure system, habitats, gardening, and fishing. You get to create multiple parties of your rabbits that are infused by power shards to adventure throughout the Kingdom and even outside it's walls! Help defend Bunny Meadows from neighboring kingdoms and the ultimate mutated invasion!

Coming in the Fall of 2016.

web design web development
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Bunny Meadows Preview Image
Alkharia Preview Image
Web Design


The code-base is coming for this soon, but this is a design I did for my second game I'm developing, Alkharia. Alkharia will plan to launch well after 2017 since Bunny Meadows is top priority at the moment.

Alkharia is an MMO RPG browser-based game. It will include features like daily challenges, tactful battling, adventuring, skill leveling, dungeoneering, and more. You can be a warrior, mage, paladin, or even a huntsman and go through your journey summoning companions (pets).

web design
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Services Offered

Web Design
Logo Design
Business Card Design
Long-term Support

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